The company MAT.TRAFFIC creates and develops as a service provider concepts, procedures and system architectures in the area of road traffic and data networks for you. To do this, MAT.TRAFFIC can benefit from comprehensive mathematical, system analytical and software engineering expertise, as well as extensively specific experience in road traffic and data network systems. Hence, MAT.TRAFFIC is your ideal partner particularly for solving complex problems that can be formulated in mathematical or model form.

MAT.TRAFFIC was founded in the spring of 2008 by Dr. Paul Mathias. The PhD mathematician previously worked 16 years at the Siemens Company in the areas of software development, product and system management, research coordination and business development. During this time he invented more than 30 patents. He was awarded with the Siemens Innovation Award “Inventor of the Year” in 2004.

Generally, the company regards itself as a developer of traffic engineering solutions. For this context, MAT.TRAFFIC understands the term “traffic” in a wide sense: relating to every kind of deterministic and stochastic transport system, in which units are moving.A particular focus is the state description and the control of traffic flow and data networks.

The key performance aspects of MAT.TRAFFIC encompass above all, not only research, concept creation and software development, but also technical / system consulting as well as project management support. The company also offers itself as a partner in national or European research projects in the area of traffic telematics and communication technology. In the context of this cooperation, MAT.TRAFFIC aims to create system architectures and innovative concepts, to develop and evaluate prototypes, or to take over project management tasks. Moreover, MAT.TRAFFIC is going to develop and market own products and solutions over the medium-term.

At the core of our company’s philosophy are: innovative thinking, customer orientation and practical deployment, sense of proportion based on several years of experience, the economical, social and ecological sustainability of our concepts and solutions.

We are constantly watching out for innovative solutions to cope with the present and future traffic problems. For this we want to meet the economical, technical, social and ecological challenges of our time. MAT.TRAFFIC combines long-years of experience and enthusiasm in order to develop innovative and efficient ideas and solutions for you. We bring abstract theories and procedures to practical application, because your concrete requirements are of the highest priority to us. We individually address your requests and problems. According to your demand we accompany your project from the initial design all the way to the implementation.