Emphasis is laid on the following topics:

  • Data fusion (plausibility, correlation between data items, data integrity, stochastic dependencies, etc.)
  • Data Mining, deployment of huge data sets (e.g. detector data) with regard to correlation and patterns
  • Model based local traffic light control systems and supporting procedures
  • Procedures to estimate traffic demand matrices dynamically
  • Dynamical route choice and traffic assignment in road networks (with involving FCD)
  • Dynamic state models of traffic jams on motorways
  • Forecast procedures (short and long term)
  • Optimal coordination of green waves, adaptive network-wide traffic light control
  • Generation of management strategies
  • Impact analysis

In the scope of the above topics MAT.TRAFFIC offers the following services:

1. Development of models / procedures and contract research:

  • Fundamental research for new approaches
  • Problem analysis and case studies, examination and assessment of existing systems
  • Concept development and specification of new models and algorithms
  • Mathematical statistical analysis
  • We have already developed a couple of interesting approaches with respect to some of the focus topics above, potential cooperation partners might take profit from.

    2. Consulting:

  • Problem analysis and model / procedure selection
  • System analysis, specification and system architecture
  • Support and attendance of tenders and allocations
  • 3. Project management:

  • Project leadership and organisation of research projects
  • Technical project management for commercial projects
  • 4. Software:

  • Preparation of requirement, specification and design documents
  • Implementation of models / algorithms and prototypes
  • Design and implementation of user interfaces
  • Design and implementation of interfaces
  • Data base design and data base management
  • Web services
  • MAT.TRAFFIC has comprehensive know-how in the area of software engineering. We �talk� C++, C#, JAVA and various script languages. Transparent software structures and methodological development processes in the context of a rigorous quality management is self-evident for us.

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