eCoMove (European Research Project)

eCoMove is a 3-year integrated project (April 2010 – March 2013), funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme of Research and Technological Development. This project will create an integrated solution for road transport energy efficiency to help drivers, freight and road operators:

  • Saving unnecessary kilometres driven (optimised routing)
  • Saving fuel (eco-driving support)
  • Managing traffic more efficiently (optimised network management)
  • “ecoGreen Wave”: The EcoGreen Wave application not only synchronizes subsequent signalized intersections due to fuel consumption criteria but also seeks to influence the spatial-temporal structure of the traffic flows as it forms platoon shapes depending on traffic volume and vehicle characteristics. Moreover, these control measures shall be accompanied by direct driver assistance (e.g. speed advice).

  • “ecoNetwork State” and “ecoRoute Distribution”: Based on various static network attributes, dynamic capacity related information, road side sensor data and – above all – vehicle generated data (positions, speed, routes), the current, future and desired traffic state for the road network is estimated. In the case of the desired traffic states, the optimisation follows a system optimum strategy that reflects the system operator�s view by minimising the overall fuel consumption / CO2 emission.
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    CVIS (European Research Project)

    CVIS (Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems) is a major new European research and development project aiming to design, develop and test the technologies needed to allow cars to communicate with each other and with the nearby roadside infrastructure. Based on such real-time road and traffic information, many novel applications can be produced. The consequence will be increased road safety and efficiency, and reduced environmental impact. The project�s ambition is to begin a revolution in mobility for travelers and goods, completely re-engineering how drivers, their vehicles, the goods they carry and the transport infrastructure interact.

    MAT.TRAFFIC develops as a project partner procedure concepts and prototypes for road-side system components (RSU=roadside units):

  • High resolution map matching (with lane accuracy) for vehicles with consideration of other road users, local traffic light states and detector values.
  • Creation of concepts and prototype realization of a dynamic motorway traffic jam estimation model, that is based on road-side available detector values, vehicle generated data (FCD) and historical traffic states.
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     SAFESPOT (European Research Project)

    SAFESPOT is an integrated research project co-funded by the European Commission Information Society Technologies among the initiatives of the 6th Framework Program. The objective is to understand how intelligent vehicles and intelligent roads can cooperate to produce a breakthrough for road safety. The aim is to prevent road accidents developing a Safety Margin Assistant that detects in advance potentially dangerous situations and that extends in space and time drivers� awareness of the surrounding environment. The Safety Margin Assistant will be an Intelligent Cooperative System based on Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communication.

    MAT.TRAFFIC develops in cooperation with and as a sub-contractor of the Technical University Munich procedure concepts and prototypes for road-side system components (RSU=roadside units):

  • Data fusion of data from various sources (sensors, vehicles) that refers to movement trajectories of road users.
  • Short term forecasts for those trajectories in the area of signalized urban intersections by using data from road-side traffic control systems (local traffic light control, detectors, etc.)
  • Situation analysis with regard to potentially upcoming hazards
  • In case of dangerous situations derivation of according measure (e.g. in case of a red light violator prolongation of the red light phase of conflicting streams)
  • Management of local data basis (local dynamic map)
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